You need a reliable and qualified interpreter for:

  • an international conference,
  • a seminar, lecture, workshop,
  • a protocol event,
  • a foreign delegation mission,
  • a confidential business meeting,
  • a management or supervisory board meeting,
  • a works council meeting,
  • a foreign delegation visit to your enterprise,
  • an appointment with state bodies, medical or educational institutions.

What can you expect:

  • I will advise you on the most suitable mode of interpreting for your event,
  • I will put together a well-qualified and proven team,
  • I will explain the technical requirements to ensure the successful execution of the event,
  • I will help you to establish contact with companies offering interpreting equipment,
  • I will comply with the Code of Professional Ethics.

Conference interpreting can be rendered in one of the following modes:

  • simultaneous (where the interpreter works from a booth, while other participants listen via headsets),
  • consecutive (where the interpreter is in the same room as participants and interprets blocks of content with the aid of a special note-taking technique),
  • whispered (where the interpreter sits in close proximity to the listener and interprets in a soft voice).


The interpreting fee is influenced by:

  • duration of the service - provided for up to an hour, up to three hours and for a full day;
  • the interpreting type and available equipment (consecutive, simultaneous, whispered interpreting, or use of portable transmitters ("bidule"))
  • media coverage

The fee of a professional interpreter also takes account of the time needed to familiarise oneself with the topic, read the contributions and presentations,
and prepare terminology.
I will be glad to draw up a non-binding quotation for your event.